Sausages sizzles, effectively helping our communities one bite at a time.

Small, unassuming and simple - yet capable of getting entire youth football teams to international competitions. An oldie but a goodie, sausage sizzles are a tried and true method of fundraising and lucrative Saturday morning sausage sizzle spots outside hardware-stores are more popular than ever.

Last week, my daughter’s school raised over $900 towards their new playground, all in just a couple of hours and all through a simple sausage sizzle.

Why are they so popular, yet so effective?  Where do we begin!

  1. Easy! Not to mention cheap.  It’s a simple concept with minor logistics. You only need a few volunteers to man the station and this means you can run a roster system throughout the day – that’s if your stocks of sausages even last that long.  Many businesses also like to support their local community, so are often happy to donate product for a good cause.

  2. There’s never a bad time. You can run a sausage sizzle any time of the year, any time of the day, rain or shine.  I’m pretty sure it’s never too early for a sausage and many of those early bird DIY’ers can very rarely pass up a good snag as they make an early start at their local hardware store on the weekends.

  3. Temptation is everything.  The aroma of a good saussie with crispy onions just lures the punters in. Many could easily walk past a sandwich, a salad or even a confectionery stall but the smells of a sausage sizzle will tempt even those with the strongest of willpowers.

  4. It’s a meal on the go.  People don’t have to stop what they’re doing to eat a sausage in bread.  It doesn’t require a knife and fork or too many additions – it can be eaten whilst most continue to peruse the shelves or keep watching the footie game.

Charred snags with onion, wrapped inside a slice of bread with lashings of sauce … The modest sausage should be a first choice for your next community fundraisers and I’ll be first in the queue!