A sausage for all seasons

More often than not, we restrict our menus to suit the current season which includes selecting various type of meats for those seasonal dishes.  We default to casseroles using slow cooked cuts in winter, whilst summer often means steaks on the barbecue and more stir fries than usual. But take the humble sausage - which suits a whole multitude of dishes. We’d say, sausages are wanderers; happy to be part of a damn good meal at any time of the year, which is why sausages have to be our ultimate food for any season. 

Nothing beats bangers and mash on a cold winters’ night with lashings of gravy (or tomato sauce for the kids), it’s our idea of comfort food for the soul.  Alternatively, what could be better than spending a summer’s day at the beach and coming back home to throw a couple of sausies on the barbecue alongside a fresh green salad.  And furthermore, we know many kids (and adults!) that will willingly forego the salad for an extra sausage or two.  For many, the idea of sausages can conjure up fond childhood memories, and we are yet to meet a kid that will turn away a sausage, be it a delicious beef sausage, a cheerio, or the ultimate kid favourite – cheese in the centre. Which also got us thinking that as well as any season, there is a sausage for any meal of the day: a cosy Sunday breakfast, lunchtime barbecue after the footie or a flavour-packed casserole for dinner.  And who can honestly walk past a Saturday sausage sizzler fundraiser, without diving in – any time of the day.

We honestly cannot think of any other product that can possibly cover all these bases.  We think it just proves, anytime of the day, anytime of the year – have sausage, will eat!