Our Vision

Education. Connection. Inspiration.


Here at Retail Meat New Zealand (RMNZ) we are all about building a community within our industry to share knowledge, support each other and fuel innovation. We have a wide range of industry businesses within our membership base including independent butchers, supermarket meat departments, small goods manufacturers and wholesalers. RMNZ members sell approximately 85 percent of all meat products sold on the New Zealand retail meat market.

Our main objective at RMNZ is to support excellence in our industry by providing support for our members through communication, leadership and expertise.

We aim to meet this objective by helping our members gain the most out of their businesses by providing opportunities to excel in their craft and maximise exposure to both industry and consumers with the events that we run. We keep our members on top of media issues and consumer trends by providing regular and timely industry and media updates and we encourage them to continue pushing the boundaries as a forward-thinking industry in this fast paced and transient environment.

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Pippa Hawkins
General Manager