RMNZ and Competenz Apprentice Membership

Retail Meat New Zealand (RMNZ) and Competenz share a passion for fostering emerging talent within the industry and have developed a partnership which gives apprentices a Retail Meat New Zealand membership for the duration of their training.

RMNZ is actively involved in the promotion and growth of the butchery industry, which means we can offer apprentices the opportunity to become immersed within the trade and have availability to a fantastic support network and ongoing communication of all industry related issues and announcements. 

We pride ourselves on providing our members with great opportunities through our various industry events and competitions to learn and engage with other like-minded people from within the industry. We look forward to assisting you with establishing your career pathway within the industry.

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If you would like a hard copy of the guides, email michelle@rmnz.co.nz with your postal address and we will get these sent to you.


+ Butchers' Quarterly Newsletter

The latest Butchers' Quarterly newsletter will be emailed to you and you can access previous newsletters here. 


+ Events and Networking Opportunities 

By taking advantage of events and networking opportunities as an apprentice, you can set yourself up for excellent career opportunities within the industry.  RMNZ host a variety of industry events which you are invited to participate in. Each event is a great chance to meet others from the industry and learn new skills. We encourage you to be active within the industry to get the best out of your apprenticeship and a head start in your crafting your career.

The events information is included in the Butchers' Quarterly Newsletter and entry information is posted out on our social media platforms.

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